Sue Medley Velvet Morning

Label:Egg Records

Very Rare Out of Print CD Used in excellent conditon

Procuced by Andy York, Mike Wanchic, Paul Mahern, Sue Medley

Recorded by Paul Mahern, Geoff Bushor at Echo Park Studios, Bloomington, Indiana


Guitars : Andy York, Doug Lanzio, Mike Wanchic

Bass : Randy Melson, Toby Myers, Jake Smith

Drums : Charlie Bushor, Dane Clark, Giles Reeves

Keyboards : Jeff Pederson, Giles Reeves, Paul Mahern

Back-Up Vocals : Sue Medley, Mike Wanchic, Andy York

1. Velvet Morning
2. Road to Neverland
3. No Time
4. Gone
5. Paper Angel
6. Hole in the Backyard
7. Descansos
8. You Won't See Me Cry
9. Break the Chain
10.Who I Am