Sue Medley Inside Out

(Mercury / 314 512 527-2)

Very Hard to Find CD Used in great conditon


Produced by Michael Wanchic

Recorded by Jay Healy at Belmont Mall, Bloomington, Indiana


Robbie Steininger : Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Slide Guitar, Dobro

Sonny Landreth : Slide Guitar

David Grissom : Electric Guitar

Richard Bell : Piano, Organ, Synthesizers

Richard Sera : Synthesizers

Jimmie Lee Sloas : Bass Guitars

Kenny Aronoff : Drums, Percussion

Backing Vocals : Sue Medley, Richard Sera, Mike Wanchic, John James, Roderic Bronaugh, Jacci McGhee, Robbie Steininger

1.The Sound And the Fury (Green, Medley, Steininger)
2.Inside Out (Medley, Crain)
3.When the Stars Fall (S. Medley)
4.I Can't Imagine (S. Medley)
5.Forget You (Medley, Steininger)
6.Jane's House (S. Medley)
7.I Am Alive (S. Medley)
8.Long Hard Fall (Medley, Greenberg)
9.Under a Southern Sky (Medley, Crain, McHugh)
10.How Deep It Goes