Tal Bachman Tal Bachman

CD (April 13, 1999)
Original Release Date April 13, 1999
Those who found a lot to like in the New Radicals' update of '70s and '80s pop-rock for '90s ears may find Tal Bachman's debut similarly appealing. Seemingly inspired as much by the widescreen fantasias of Queen and ELO as by the Beatles, the son of former Bachman-Turner Overdrive head Randy offers a series of well-crafted tunes helmed by himself and superstar producer Bob Rock. Craftsmanship, however, is about the limit of Bachman's vision; his songs rarely rise above clich├ęd declarations of (and complaints about) love, with pro forma considerations of maturity ("I Wonder") and generational concerns ("Looks Like Rain") failing to lend much weight. With TV producers (Dawson's Creek, Melrose Place) clamoring to use his melodramas on their soundtracks, Bachman may find commercial--if not artistic--success. --Rickey Wright
1. Darker Side Of Blue
2. She's So High
3. If You Sleep
4. Like Nobody Loves Me, (You Love)
5. Strong Enough
6. You Don't Know What It's Like
7. I Wonder
8. Beside You
9. Romanticide
10. Looks Like Rain
11. You're My Everything
12. I Am Free