Diana Krall The Girl In The Other Room

CD (April 27, 2004)
Reviewer: Stefani Ehman from Turlock, CA United States
I was so amazed when I found out that Diana's new album was going to be mostly originals. She gave us all a hint with her addition of "Charmed Life" to The Look of Love that she had writing ability...
With the help of her husband, she has formed new ground with this album. I just listened to it all day at work and this has to be the most personal album she has ever made. If you're looking for the usual jazz standards, exquisite instrumentation, lavish strings...it's not here. Instead her heart is drenched in every song and every note. Her piano playing is reminiscent of her live performances...but the album itself is like sitting in a warm room with her and listening to her play just for you....buy this now

Reviewer: brad from Silver Spring, MD United States
This album is all about transitions. The death of Diana's mother as well as her long term mentor RoseMary Clooney inform these songs with a passionate soulfulness that strikes deep. Elvis and Diana are a tremedous pair. Diana has done stellar work.

The Girl in the Other Room is a major leap forward. 

1. Stop This World
2. The Girl In The Other Room
3. Temptation
4. Almost Blue
5. I've Changed My Address
6. Love Me Like A Man
7. I'm Pulling Through
8. Black Crow
9. Narrow Daylight
10. Abandoned Masquerade
11. I'm Coming Through
12. Departure Bay