Donny Gale Roots of Love

Track 1 "These Tears That I Cry" went to the top of the independant charts in Australia in 9 weeks. "I've only walked away from you" and "Throught the years" followed after. All 3 songs have been topping independant charts across Europe, Australia and the USA. "Through the years" was the Caprice records submission for category 37 in the 2003 grammy awards and was published on the list by the AMA.
Donny is also a Canadian A&R rep for Caprice records/international americana. He can sign radio and album deals for Caprice.

"I am now helping solicit Vancouver Island artists out to the world market. Always open for contact." Donny
1. These Tears That I Cry
2. Life's Too Short
3. I'll Always Remember You
4. I've Only Walked Away From You
5. Our Love Will Grow
6. I'll Be There
7. Crystal Clear
8. Girl I Hope You Come to me
9. Just a Man
10.Through the Years