Hot Hot Heat

10 Song LP available on 12" vinyl 

CD released on ACHE Records :: ACHE002 :: Like partners in a crime of passion, 2 of B.C., Canada's biggest underground acts pull together to set things right. Hot Hot Heat follow up their hugely successful 7" with 6 tracks that show a darker, more serious side of the Canadian 4 piece. This band has gone on to achieve enormous success, and missing out on this recording is like only seeing Return Of The Jedi without diving into its predecessors. The Red Light Sting mull threw  with a careless abandon that can only be found deep in the recesses of any bands debut release. They chisel their way threw fast, thrashy rock, stopping ever so often to slow it down enough to shake your ass to. This split CD will strike a familiar chord as you listen to it. It will sound simultaneously nostalgic and ultra modern. THE CD VERSION OF THIS RELEASE CONTAINS ALL OF THE MUSIC PLUS LIVE FOOTAGE - INCLUDING 2 NEVER HEARD BEFORE HOT HOT HEAT TRACKS!

1. Case That They Gave Me, The
2. Haircut Economics
3. Tokyo Vogue
4. Minimalist Impressions Of The Circus Maximus
5. I Blew A Fuse In My Personality
6. Cork Up The Stink
7. Plastic Cigars?...Then Why'd I Bring The Ashtrays?
8. Baconated Grapefruit
9. Hot Dogs! Hot Dogs!
10. Why To Kamikaze Pilots Wear Helmets?
11. Ora Lawson
12. God Damn, Will Somebody Tell Me Why I Read These Damn Spy Novels