Tegan and Sara Under Feet Like Ours

Released: 1999/Re-Released: 2001
Independent: Plunk Records - STCD-001
Compact Disc -Out of Print-

This CD is 'almost impossible to find' and priced for its rarity

These CDs are not the recent reprint with 13 tracks. They are the real gems with the original 12 tracks.

Produced by Tegan and Sara and Jared Kuemper
Engineered and Mixed by Jared Kuemper

Additional Players: Tegan and Sara (guitar and vocals), Aaron Burke (drums), Jara Muzzik (electric guitar), Jeremy Coates (bass), Lilly Penner (cello), Kristian Alexandrov (programming, piano, percussion), Marc Tremblay (bass)

1 Divided
2 Our Trees
3 Come On
4 Freedom
5 Proud
6 More For Me
7 Hype
8 Clever Meals
9 This Is Everything
10 Heavy
11 Welcome Home
12 Superstar