Winter Harp
Harp Dance

Nominated for a prestigious Westcoast Music award, Harp Dance features some of Winter Harp's most popular pieces including the rhythmic desert piece Caravan, and the fiery Baroque Flamenco.

On this CD, Celtic dances mix with music from afar to create an exotic and upbeat collection. Superbly produced, Harp Dance features breath-takingly beautiful arrangements and evocative performances. From the ethereal sounds of the medieval instruments to the exotic mixtures of tabla and Celtic harps, the album will transport listeners to other times and places. Features harps, percussion, bass, voice and medieval instruments.

1. Logan Water
2. Harp Dance
3. Chanter S Song Prelude
4. Chanter S Song
5. Baroque Flamenco
6. Caravan (The Camels)
7. Avalon
8. Las, Las, Las, Las Pargrand Delit
9. As the White Swans Fly
10. Nimbus
11. Johnny Goes to France
12. Silkie