Greg Joy
Celtic Enchantment

A truly magnificent collection of lively jigs and reels, enchanting ballads and hauntingly evocative original pieces. They are magically woven together with inspired performances on acoustic guitar, hammer dulcimer, mandolin, recorder, flute, pennywhistle, violin, cello, bass and assorted percussion.
1.Morrison's Jig
2.Knight Flight
3.Roxborough Castle
4.Carolan's Quarrel
5.Craigdarroch Castle

6.Joseph and Mary
7.Tarboulton Reel
8.Royal Forester
9.Skye Boate Song
10.Willy O'Winsbury
12.Merrily Kissed The Quaker's Wife
13.Kirn/Bras De Touleme/Petticot's Loose
14.Magical Child