Wyckham Porteous
Looking For Ground

used cd in near new conditon

"Looking For Ground is a roots-rock masterpiece, and album of real music for real people, a tonic for those who need a change from the increasingly bland and indistinguishable fare pushed as somehow alternative. Wyckham sounds a little like John Hiatt at times, the tips his hat to The Band, and, like everybody doing this roots-rock-folk-country thing, there's a lot of Bob Dylan going on there too. But you can argue about what influences went into the shimmering Please Do Not Call Me, the crunching title song, or the lovely 3 a. m. all day and it wouldn't change the fact that this is one great album." (Eric Fidler-Associated Press) ---- "Looking For Ground works on all levels. Wyckham Porteous is going to make it through talent, integrity of vision, and excellent songwriting skills. This is not some tag-along effort trying to find itself through imitation; this is a bona fide original that's going to find many appreciators before all is said and done.In the confines of rock 'n' roll, Porteous has written thirteen songs that roll as seamlessly from one to the next as any river metaphor could imply." (Martin Fullington-Music Reviews Quarterly) ---- "Very impressive.... His voice can be reminiscent of Robert Earl Keen, at other times there are echoes of Guy Clark, Prine, and Hiatt, but Porteous creates his own identity with striking imagery and melodies and a gift for phrasing." (John Conquest-Music City Texas)

The Players:
The Band of Tennesseeans
Wyckham Porteous - Acoustic guitar, vocals
Dan Smith - Guitars
Rob Becker - Bass
Ian McLagan - B-3
Stewart Cochran - Piano
David Bender - Drums

Guest Artists:
Paul Sweeny - Mandolin
Gene Elders - Violin
Mitch Watkins - Atmospheric guitar, acoustic guitar
Randy Glines - Harmonica
Michael Fracasso
Christine Albert
Gemma Cochran
Abra Moore
Jimmy Lafave
Julianne Banks (Glory)

Produced by Jimmy Lafave
Engineered by Fred Remmert @ Cedar Creek Studios, Austin, TX

1. Looking For Ground
2. Back On That Train
3. Maybe Tomorrow
4. Cumberland Waltz
5. This Land
6. Rain Of Love
7. Please Do Not Call Me
8. 3 am
9. 7 Years
10. Glory
11. Under The Still Full Moon
12. I Would Stay Here
13. On A Quiet Night Like This