Wake-up The World!!

Grant Waldman (Waldo) is a List Broker living near Cowichan Station on the Vancouver Island. By night, Waldo is a songwriter, musical composer, and guitarist who has been writing stories, poetry, and songs for over 20 years as a hobbyist. Waldo's debut CD entitled "Waldo Wants to Wake up the World!" includes 11 tracks of original musical compilations.

So what is Waldo's philosophy and why is it relevant to the listener? As Waldo's CD title proclaims, Waldo is a visionary, a rebel with a cause... who intends to rattle complacency, and inspire listeners to reflect on the beauty of the natural world, on the one hand, and the environmental issues the human race faces, on the other. He wants to incite awakening and raise consciousness in the world! Waldo's music invokes a mood of tranquility and peacefulness, which is conducive to meditation and contemplation. Waldo's vision is to help create a more loving, peaceful, and compassionate world! Waldo's songs speak of the importance of unification of all peoples in the hopes of a more concerted effort for peace and understanding. Waldo's songs speak to the environmental and social issues that threaten our planet. They speak of the innocence and freedom of children, and how important it is for us to save this world for their futures. Waldo's songs speak of the turbulence and tumultuous nature of our world and our modern-day stresses. Waldo's music is truly a message of love, hope, and optimism!

© 2002 Waldo Creative - Grant Waldman

1. It's So Good to Be Here!
2. Earth Anthem
3. How Does It Feel?
4. How Do We Turn It Off?
5. Take Me Back to the Mountains
6. So Removed
7. Soul On a Sea of Love
8. Innocent Children
9. The Brink
10. Moments in Time
11. Send a Prayer