Patricia Svats Brenan
Thee and Me

Traditional Folk(A Capella), Alternative-relaxation
Patricia grew up in Saint John New Brunswick and make her solo singing debut at six years of age. She sang throughout her school years and in Nursing School where she was nicknamed 'Songbird'. Upon becomming a Registered Nurse singing was put aside. Fifteen years ago she recognized what would not be denied and pursued music. She won a two year scholarship for vocal studies and is an Associate of the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Though her studies concentrated on Baroque, Classical and Romantic music periods with Italinan, German and French repertoire, her first love has always been the song of the people. She exhibits the beautiful, but rare, pairing of a classically trained voice and the Folk Song. She has sung solos with Chamber Orchestras, quartet work with Symphony. She is a church soloist and Choir Conductor and continues to immerse herself in folk music singing at various folk clubs on lower Vancouver Island, garden parties, private functions, conferences -wherever beautiful, intimate music can enhance ambiance or provide light entertainment. She won first prize at the 2001 Vancouver Island Exhibition Songbird Contest in Nanaimo.

"Everyone talked about the magic of coming up the driveway and hearing your lovely voice all through the garden. You really made the event very special."

"I listen to Pat's CD whenever I need to quiet and center myself, which in today's world is just about every day."

"Her voice doesn't need any other instrument - it is the essence of music."
1. Spinning Wheel (2:56)
2. Turf Fire (1:48)
3. Coulter's Candy (1:44)
4. Donna, Donna (2:29)
5. Love Lilt (1:57)
6. Daily A-Growin' (1:44)
7. La Belle Rose (1:20)
8. The Swallow (1:40)