Wyckham Porteous

While Porteous' previous recordings were about searching, sexanddrinking is about what he found. A travelogue, the album reflects what he has discovered during the journey, including what is good, what is bad and what is indifferent. Almost a throwback to the 60s, sexanddrinking is a concept album with threads that crisscross and intertwine, creating storylines with complex texture and vivid imagery.

In 1989 a critic described Wyckham as "mercurial and enigmatic" suggesting that his career path would be on the eccentric side of the spectrum in what was a remarkable prophetic observation. Since then Wyckham has performed at festivals all over the world but has yet to do a major tour.

Like fellow songwriters Steve Earle and Lucinda Williams, the time is right for people to discover an artist and talent that has been hidden for too long.