Fan Tan Alley
Pennies In The Parking Lot

Fan Tan Alley's newest CD is a tour de force that rocks on like crazy. Over the past year FTA's material has taken on new depth and breadth and this CD shows it ranging from the tender and wistful, like 'Hey - Yesterday', to the melodic (but rocking), like 'Stunned'. The cocky party song 'Wasting Time' is set off by the ominous tones of 'Coming For You'.
Though this music is pretty original, there are certainly influences on it, and a bit of history behind it. Some people hear a Hendrix in the playing of and a few definite Jim Morrison moments in the vocal of, 'Coming for You'.

Genre - ROCK

Track Listing:

  1. Light The Light
  2. Stunned
  3. Gotta Get It
  4. Hey, Yesterday
  5. Coming For You
  6. Something For Now
  7. Wasting Time
  8. The Misadventures of Mr Frog
  9. Time & the Other Day
  10. Heard A Lie
  11. Draw Steel
  12. Light In Your Eyes