Helen Austin

CD Coming Soon!

For nearly 15 years Helen made audiences in the UK laugh with her stand-up musical comedy routine. But now she has decided to follow her first love by singing the serious songs that were behind the comedy she was performing.

Since moving to Comox Valley a year ago, Helen became one the NITHS winners and went on to play at Island Musicfest. She now gigs around the valley regularly playing venues such as Café Blah Blah Blah and Joe Reads.

"Helen is back with her beautiful voice and fine songwriting" - Comox Valley Echo

"Helen Austin has wowed audiences at the Café with her style and her way of bringing her stories to life in her songs" - Comox Valley Record
1. finders keepers
2. you say
3. tear for a picture
4. the bottle
5. sheep
6. past the wall
7. sweetest taste
8. today
9. silence
11.best in me