Papillomas, The

Hub City Records

Only 1 very rare cd available in excellent condition

Corolla is a cool CD. Nanaimo's the Papillomas give us a collection of alterna-pop guitar driven songs about some of those everyday occurrences in life that you might not expect to hear in a song. They sing of flat tires outside of Moose Jaw and pieces of corn on the side of your mouth. The music might remind you a bit of the rough edge of Hardship Post and the poppiness of Lowest of the Low -- and that's a good thing.

The Papillomas let their songs play themselves instead of trying to hide them behind some forced attempt at cool, ultra-hooky chords which seems to be oh-so-popular. They just perform the songs well. Highlights are cool guitar work and Michael Kissinger's unpolished voice, which suits the everyday stories of Corolla.

With the exception of "Ted Nugent's Spine," for the title alone... and for the Guns 'n Roses guitar fade, none of the songs shine over the others because they're all pretty cool and you'll find yourself reaching for the repeat button to hear the disc again.

Test drive Corolla today.

Review by P. Freako

1. Hub city
2. Corolla
3. Better than you
4. Pieces of corn
5. Raiffe Hollister sings
6. Superpopstar
7. Next to near
8. Butterkid
9. Yeah...
10.Bob's got a new wagon
11.Ted Nugent's spine
12.Tater gem