John Gogo It Never Fails

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Released 1994, this album was produced by Bob Benson and John Gogo. Published by Boulder Creek Publishing, Shaunsongs Publishing and ATV Music. All songs are SOCAN.

It Never Fails was recorded in three steps. In January '93 John Gogo and Bob Benson started working on a three song demo at Seacoast Sound studio in Victoria (this would remain the studio for the rest of the recording and mixing of It Never Fails). The three songs were It Never Fails, String of Pearls, and For Now We Say Good-bye (aka The Ghost of Clarence Balance, a tune John plans to include on Coal & Wood when that album is remastered and released on CD).
The band consisted of John on vocals and acoustic guitar, David Kershaw on Hammond organ, Brian Minato on bass and Ashwin Sood on drums ( Daniel Lapp played fiddle on "For Now..."). These three songs were entered in a local radio station contest (100.3 the Q's Rocktoria) and John won. The Prize was an opportunity to record three songs at Seacoast Sound with Bob Benson (!). With Jerry Adolphe on drums, Brent Gubbels (John's cousin) on bass, Ron Willes on electric guitar and David Kershaw on organ John recorded I'm Sorry Now and re-cut It Never Fails.

They also recorded Bill Henderson's Baby Blue with Bill himself on guitar. Bill's daughter Camille Henderson provided bg vocals. With these three songs plus String of Pearls (For Now We Say Good-bye was saved for later) John figured he my as well make a full album. Brian, Ash and David were brought back over from Vancouver and with John and Bob recorded I Don't Even Know Her, Riverside (with Camille on vocals for both), I Can't Tell You, No Reason or Rhyme, When You Fall and Don't Break It. Shaun Wilson played electric guitar on tracks 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, & 8. Bob Benson mixed it and Mark Franklin mastered the album at Media Magic.

1) I Don't Even Know Her
2) It Never Fails
3) String of Pearls
4) I Can't Tell You
5) Baby Blue
6) No Reason or Rhyme
7) When You Fall
8) Riverside
9) I'm Sorry Now
10) Don't Break It