Rosemary Beland
Forgotten Centuries

Hammer Dulcimer Recordings
Enchanting music from the mists of the past. Most of the pieces in this collection were written many centuries ago and have survived purely and truly because of their simplistic beauty.

Arranged for hammer dulcimer, celtic harp, guitar, oboe, violin, cello, and lap dulcimer.
Musicians - Rosemary Beland, Mark Bracken, Denis Donnelly, Michael Byrne, Sharon Stannis, Paula Kiffner, Molly Newman.
1. Mithrel
2. The Garland Dance
3. The Choice Wife
4. Sheebeg & Sheemore
5. The Rights of Man
6. Fanny Power
7. Petronella Reels
8. Pachelbel's Canon
9. Saltarello
10. The Queen's Dumpe
11. The Wild Geese
12. Greensleeves/Brian Boru's March