Birgit Raising Thunder

A rich blend folk/blues/pop music with delicious intrumentals and soaring harmonies....lyrics to inspire and take you to places never gone before.

The best thing about Birgit, a singer songwriter living on Vancouver Island, Canada is her clear sweet voice. Birgit's music has an earthy folk sound to it, yet is also fresh and bright, uplifting as well as soulful. She sings and performs celtic and original folk songs that touch hearts and souls, her melodies lift spirits....her music is a sweet balance of worldly wisdom, romantic flair and social insight. Her expressive vocals embrace the touch and technique of a wide range of fine artists....from Fleetwood Mac's more acoustic leanings to traces of Shaun Colvin, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins. Likewise, Birgit's inventive guitar work is also execptionally-melodic, accurate and percussively-precise. For more info on Birgit go to her website at
1. Raising Thunder
2. I Didn't Know
3. Your Love Is A Flood
4. I Could Never Tell You
5. Rock In A River
6. Game Of Her Life
7. Wish
8. You're My Fire
9. Until I Found You
10.Gone The Way
11.Moorlough Shore
12.Perfectly Clear