Gordon Carter
Rivers & Roads

Gordon’s debut CD "Rivers & Roads" has been a long time coming. The CD, produced by Doug Cox, was released in July 2005, and contains 13 self-penned tracks . It features some of BC’s finest musicians such as Daniel Lapp, Diamond Joe White, Tammy Fassaert and Sue Pyper.

Gordon Carter is a rare breed in this world. He writes from the heart and writes about his local heritage and homeland. He is the kind of songwriter that defies time. In this day of mass-produced music, his work stands up against the classic songwriters of our day. If we had a 2005 Woodstock, Gordon Carter would be there.

1.The Letter
2.A Pit Pony's Tale
3.One Spring Morning
   (Duet with Tammy Fassaert)
4.Percy's Place
   (The Strand Cafe)
5.Chilcotin River
6.I'm Sorry Tom
7.My Mother's Eyes
8.A Likely Story
9.When You Get Old
10.The River
11.Alberta OilFields
     (Duet with Diamond Joe White)
12.The Day They Shot Ginger Down
13.Where You Gonna Go