Rick Bockner Trouble With The Moon

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Trouble With The Moon is Rick Bockner's first solo cd and is a collection of his original songs. He is assisted by some of Vancouver's best musicians including Simon Kendall (who also produced the CD), Pat Steward (drums), Keith Bennett (harmonica), Peggy Lee (cello), and other veterans of the studios. The end result is a rich and varied landscape of songs that make the listener laugh, cry, think, and feel as they hear them.
1. Otherwise
2. Trouble With The Moon
3. Rainy Night in Chinatown
4. Ghost Town Reivial
5. Fragments of Perfection
6. Caveman
7. Everyday Blues
8. Talking Ocean
9. Heartburn
10. Old Stone Walls
11. The Tyee Song
12. Apocalypse Waltz