Irish Rovers Upon A Shamrock Shore: Songs of Ireland and the Irish

CD released  01 February, 2000
This is the "serious" side of the Irish Rovers, as it were. Of course, serious is a relative term, considering the irresistible cheerfulness found in these 15 lilts. But, where 1999's The Best of the Irish Rovers focused on their best-known novelties (like "The Unicorn") and drinking songs from their 1968-1971 Decca tenure, this 2000 collection spotlights their political, historical, and more traditional Irish songs. Even when the themes are sober--postfamine emigration, social rebellion, unrest, and protest--the Rovers turn them into musical celebrations of perseverance, integrity, and triumph in the face of adversity. Add to these topical songs a mix of lively dance numbers and light-hearted courting songs, and you have a clear look at the "other side" of the Rovers, one thoroughly steeped in their musical and cultural history. --Marc Greilsamer
1. King of the Faeries
2. Mountain Tay
3. Bridget Flynn
4. Up Among the Heather
5. Bonnie Kellswater
6. Pat from Mullingar
7. Rovers Fancy
8. Pennywhistle Peddler
9. Shamrock Shore
10. Banks of Newfoundland
11. Shores of Americay
12. Lament for the Molly Maguires
13. Fiddler's Green
14. Rovers Street Song Medley
15. Pigs Can't Fly