Groovy Man
The Redneck Cookbook

includes a cookbook

Written, performed, recorded and illustrated by Super Groovy Gogo at Sunporch Studio, Vancouver Island Canada.

100% Canadian album, including all cartoon inspirations.

All songs C 2001 Sunporch Publishing Socan / no grant money used anywhere.

Extra song writing credits 10/14 with T. Gogo, 13/17 with W, Lindsey.

Instruments used: fender Rhodes, Korg Triton, JVC VCR, prophet 5, mellotron strings flute choir, mellotron samples clarinet, chamberlin female choir cello, Optigan, optigan samples, fender bass guitar, Harmony acoustic and raven electric guitar, Tambourines, Wurlitzer saxophone, yamaha flute, French horn, vocals.

Digital page layout for cartoons CD cover

#1 Neo Redneck Fanfare (orchestral piece)
#2 Would You Like an Apple Pt. 1
#3 Booze Happens
#4 I Wanna See Some Fights
#5 News Happens
#6 '70s cop show Theme
#7 Get Your Hands Dirty While You Can
#8 Joanne Worked At Robins Doughnut
#10 You Say You Don't Need Me Baby
#11 Bubaloo
#12 Two by Four
#13 Low-cost farming
#14 Lonely Woman's Life
#15 Beverly
#16 Would You Like An Apple pt 2
#17 The Party's Over
#18 Would You Like An Apple pt 3