Super Groovy Gogo
Oh Wow


Some notes about this record……………..
This CD was written, performed and recorded by Super Groovy Gogo
No grant money was used anywhere in the process.

Machines used: Prophet 5 synth, Korg Triton, Mellotron, Roland vs1680 recorder. Tracks were added by dubbing onto 2 stereo tracks, so there was no mixdown. The CD was written as it was recorded over a 2-week period before Christmas, with no postproduction editing.

Tracy-Lyn and I had just returned from a few days in New York City because she had won an award in an art show. We both love New York and we walked around, gallery-tripped and ate pizza.

I (Gogo) really like this one, and I think I would have loved it when I was a kid. That was the mindset I had when recording it. You remember the days, weekends in particular when there was nothing going on and you felt that it was a magical time, even though the rest of the world treated it like a boring day.

You had to go outside to feel any of nature’s magic. The TV killed any that lived in the house. You were better off getting away from everyone.

The music on this record accompanies a young person through a medieval journey into and up a stream into his village. With all journeys, you are always a hero upon your return, if only for yourself. Our 14th century traveler experiences the same magic in this wandering that we all have felt, and continue to chase. As luck has it way, this one gets a Manhattan nightlife experience as well. Magic will be what it is, if you let it.

© 2001 by Sunporch Publishing / SOCAN

#1 The tale of the magical afternoon wandering 6:08
#2 In the Stream (trippy instrumental) 3:11
#3 The Happy Peasants return (festive instrumental) 3:47
#4 The Joyous Evening (instrumental celebration) 3:47
#5 No Secret (love ballad) 3:08
#6 Feast of Merriment (courtly dance) 2:28
#7 Fireside Song and Story 1:55
#8 Back into the stream (action instrumental) 0:31
#9 Dance with Strangers (old-time waltz) 1:23
#10 Oh Wow 4:35
#11 Music, everywhere 2:28
#12 Frosty Fingers 3:06
#13 The Wandering Forever 0:55