Gypsy Sun, Gypsy Moon

Contemporary Instrumental, New Age

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Sunyata is one of the most original and exciting instrumental duos to emerge in recent years. Their acoustic, flamenco-flavored music is performed primarily on Spanish-style guitars, original instruments and percussion and is anything by easy to categorize. It draws from a myriad of international influences, and expresses uniquely vibrant world music rhythms and melodies. We call it "high-energy" acoustic Gypsy passion." You'll call it ... amazing!

INSTRUMENTS: Only acoustic instruments were used in this recording. We're still not licensed to operate electronics in public. Jim's primary instrument on this recording is the cuatro. This cuatro started out life some 30 years ago as a Martin Baritone ukulele. However with Jim's keen sense of the Impossible, it because a bona-fide Latin American cuatro. Most of the world still appears unconvinced of this transformation. It's tuned in fifths like most of Jim's instruments. The mandolele has similar, but smaller and older Martin origins. An old Gibson mandolin and Celtic Heart mandola make some acoustic cameos as well as the Russian bass domra and the "Gawnedolized" Irish bouzouki. An Epiphone acoustic bass was rented for thei project and in a fit of zero-budget creativity a homemade fretless bass was born using only simple kitchen utensils. Stuart used this timeworn, desert-beaten , (vintage?) Ovation steel string. Ina lent us her $100 nylon string guitar. It easilysounds like $300. Stuart is also Sunyata's official drummer, not that we have made the great leap to thumping on things designed for thumping. PRODUCTION: Most tracks were recorded on serene Saturna Island, BC. Tracks 4, 8, & 9 were recorded on Thrash Mountain, deep in the Cowichan Valley, BC (where men are men and trees are soon to be horizontal). Track 1 was recorded in sup-urban Langford, BC. Most tracks were recorded on a digital 8 track machine and expensive mics. The early Thrash Mountain sessions were captured on a cheap analog 8 track and cheap mics., back when zero-budget really meant something. Engineered by Jim Assistant Engineer (under protest): Stuart Produced by Sunyata for Zero-Budget Productions Mastered by Mark "I only want decisions" Franklin at media Magic Inc. Graphic Concept by Ajana at Media Magic Inc. Design Assistance by Bob Paltrow Cover and liner photos by Stuart Liner notes by Jim

Cayuse Flats
Yo Mo Se
She Sleeps
Gitano Django
Dansk Statique
Blue, Wet, Deep
Desert Sky
Gypsy Moon
4U Ina