Cathy Miller
One Stitch at a Time

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One Stitch at a Time is the title of a CD of all-quilting songs by Canadian singer, songwriter and quilter, Cathy Miller. In 1991 Cathy was asked to write music for a play about quilters in Ottawa, Canada. In researching this topic (she was not a quilter at the time), she found an amazing wealth of stories about history, families and human achievement. She also took a quilting class as part of the research, and was hooked. She wrote most of the songs while she and her husband were living in Darwin, Australia at the beginning of 2000. The CD was released in September 2000. Since then Cathy and her husband John Bunge have spent their time travelling around the world, singing for quilters.

100 Ways to Hide Your Stash
The Extra Chair
Follow the Stars to Freedom
It Ain't Finished Yet
UFOs (UnFinished Objects)
Just Look Up
One Stitch at a Time
Patchwork of Life
Rajah Quilt
Scrap Bag Polka
Time Flies
Toss the Cat