Melisa Devost







Melisa Devost is a singer/songwriter from Hornby Island BC. Her songs include soft fingerstyle ballads, fast acoustic grooves and straight up blues and gospel. Alone or with a rhythm section, when she sings it is powerful, genuine, and comes from someplace deep.

Click is Melisa Devost's debut album. Released in August of 2002, Click consists of six tracks, two of which were recorded live in Nanaimo and feature Ken Whiteley.

Overall, Melisa demonstrates the diversity of her talent and the evolution of her writing on this album.

Melisa began singing at a young age and was performing in musicals by the age of 8. She honed her skill studying classical voice in her teens. Soon after, she began exploring a variety of music to unlearn her classical training.

"I grew up listening to everything from cheesy pop to folk to punk to blues and jazz and I like it all. When I started singing the blues it felt like I had come home."
Living in Ireland, Melisa became interested in traditional Irish music and sang at many music sessions in pubs. It was around this time that she began to play guitar and write her own material.

She studied jazz at Malaspina College in Nanaimo where she was taught by Pat Coleman and Myron Makepeace. Melisa has also learned from people like Marc Atkinson, Ken Whiteley and Rick Fines. Despite all this, she still considers herself to be mostly self taught.