Pauline Le Bel Dancing With The Crone

In 1999, Pauline released a CD of her own songs. Dancing with the Crone, honors the archetype of the Wise Old Woman.
This tapestry of world beat, celtic and gypsy music, and African chant, features Corbin Keep on cello, and Joseph "Pepe" Danza on percussion. It has been described as "haunting," "soothing," "jarring," "theatrical," and "mystical."

Many of the songs from the CD appear in Pauline's one-woman show, When the Grandmothers Speak, a weaving of song, poetry, dance and improvisation which portrays old age not as a failure, but as a ripening juicy, wise, and prophetic time for women and men.

CD Reviews:
"This is the finest goddess music CD of the year ... the perfect album to listen to by candlelight on a rainy evening. Each song wraps us up in a warm blanket of dark, compassionate Crone energy and wisdom."
... The Beltane Papers, Spring 2002

"This unique album is stark and unexpected, like the elements on Bowen Island off the coast of Canada, where it was conceived. Pauline has a dramatic voice, alternately rich and full, or as old and mysterious as the mountains. Accompanied by cello and some hand percussion, the sound is simple, but weaves a web as complex as the Crone herself. Musically, Dancing With the Crone falls somewhere between spoken/sung poetry, chant, prayer, and ballad. With unerring vocals and skilled accompaniment, this is a one of a kind, and highly recommended for all seekers on the path of the Crone."
...Serpentine Music, 2003 catalogue
Hail Crone
My Mother Had a Gypsy Heart
A Woman's Whisper
Improv-The Search
Warriors Prayer
Dance of the Elements

A Crone By the Salish Sea
Song of the Banshee
When the Grandmothers Speak