John Marian Pulling For The Woods

PULLING FOR THE WOODS has been out for some years now. It still works for me. Particularly the songs on this site. The photo is of my last glory days, when I was fitter, healthier, better looking and still working my independent way along the shores of Georgia Strait, pulling the good drift logs off the beach with my beachcomb boat. She was a beauty, as you can probably tell from the picture.

~ ‘Want to See Me Splice Rope’ is about the political and economic dynamics of that occupation, infused with the manly, outlaw energy of working alone in storms and calms. I love this song. It was targeted to make certain elements of the Forest Industry sweat. It sure pisses some of them off, so I’ve been told.

~ ‘Ricki and I’ came to me at the very time when my heart was breaking with the news that a dear friend had contracted cancer at a too-young age. ‘Each Cancer Cell’ is cold, sardonic rage at the elements we accommodate that have all the characteristics of that disease and which it may be a reflection of.

~ And I’m acknowledging that yes the anger this man occasionally feels towards a woman can indeed have a sexual edge to it in ‘Somethin Always Seems to Come Between Us’. Which is not to agree that I, or men in general, are all inclined towards rape.

John Marian - words, music, rhythm guitar, vocals, guitar
Len Hill - lead & rhythm guitar; Maynard Smylie - bass; Jerome Jarvis - drums; Ken Dalgleish - keyboard; Caridwen Irvine - violin & back-up vocals on 'Ricki, Genuine Appreciation & Somethin always seems to come between us'; Ken Gustafson - peddle steel on 'Genuine Appreciation & Ricki'; Melanie Berg - back-up vocal on 'Each cancer cell & Genuine Appreciation'; Merv Charboneau - bass on 'Hang on Folks'

Want To See Me Splice Rope?
Perfectly Willing
Rat Cage Boogie
Genuine Appreciation
Ricki & I
Each Cancer Cell
Craftfair Blues
Something Always Seems to Come Between Us
Hang On Folks