John Marian Runnin Down the Devil

"In a dream I was driving through the dark forests of Vancouver Island, not unlike driving through a prairie night, without the trees, when the devil leapt out from the woods and the nightmares of childhood into my headlights. Overcoming the urge to assume the foetal position....I stepped on the gas. And shouldn’t we all? The complete lyrics to the album are on this site. Try the CD with earphones on. The musicians are brilliant, the production sublime." ... John

Runnin' Down the Devil was arranged, produced and engineered at 'The Palace' studio by Bill Buckingham, who has worked with Valdy, Rita McNeil and Skywalk, among others. Awardwinning guitarist Robbie Steininger drives the album instrumentally on acoustic, Spanish and electric guitars, dobros, mandola and mandolin. He also produced and engineered 'Land of the Tree'; a late addition to the album.

He is supported by a cast of Westcoast notables: Jim McGillveray on percussion, Brian Newcombe on Bass, Keith Bennett on harp, Tom Keenlyside on soprano sax, Rocko Vaugeois on drums, Kathy St. Germain, Megan Metcalfe and Rocko Vaugeois on backup vocals and fiddler Mike Sanyshyn. The resulting clean uncluttered sound makes your home system sound as good as you thought it was when when you bought it.

Got My Cowboy Boots On
Contrapuntal Goo
Runnin Down the Devil
Pulsus Paradoxus
No Guarantee
Telling it True
Loggers Fair
Land of the Tree
Saul on Ice
In a Dream