John Marian No Believer

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This album is the newest to be released, December, 2003. It tends to reflect my personal philosophies. I try to live an uncluttered life close enough to civilization to keep a skeptical eye on it ... removed enough not to get tangled up, ... just trying to keep it real. I am currently a politician. Isn’t that a segue-and-a-half. It is a fascinating engagement with a great many people, each perceiving the other with a unique and ever-varying take. But it does tend to kill off any faint illusion that it is innate to us to operate according to the principals we espouse.

~ Check out ‘Bittersweet.’ Robby Steininger’s in-the-moment guitar work, Brian Newcome’s oh-so-tasty bass, Rocky Vaugois’ touch on the brushes and Bill Buckingham’s production cannot be adequately described in words. And the other side of the story in ‘Cold Wind Through My Heart.’

~ A lament for “Oh Canada” my friends. She is being sorely assailed.

~ And a Christmas carol stripped of all but the spirit in the title song‘No Believer.’

~ And of course the 'Suicide' that originated in a subtly disparaging assessment from a girlfriend of my younger years which I have been trying to live down ever since.

1. Cold Wind Through My Heart
2. Bittersweet
3. Nothin' Special 'bout Me
4. Oh Canada
5. Try To Sit Down
6. Tracking Down The Truth
7. Flood Famine and Fire
8. Follow It
9. No Believer
10.Ain't Trying To Get Somewhere