Dan Politano
Solo EP

O.K., I might be a bit biased, but his talent and energy is what got me started and keeps me going now. One day, I'm gonna be as good as he is...Maybe better!

My Mom and Dad listened to all that great music of the '60s, and I got introduced to The Beatles at a very early age. My twin brother, Michael, and I learned all their songs and played along on our "guitars". These were anything from tennis rackets to baseball bats. In grade 3, we got up in front of our class with a friend (rackets in hand) and played air band to six Beatles songs.

I got my first real guitar for Christmas when I was 9. My grandparents gave it to me along with a book of Beatles songs that showed me where to put my fingers to make the chords. So much for any music lessons. I was off!

The following year I wrote and recorded my first song, "Turn on the music". Classic stuff ...
Turn on the music, I'm getting' kinda bored.
Turn on the music, like The Beatles or the Rolling Stones
Or maybe like Herman and the Hermits
Or maybe like The Who
Turn on the music...Turn on the music...Turn on the music...music!

Well, I thought it was good at the time. My Mom and Dad were so proud, they played it for the neighbours. I was FAMOUS!

When I was 14, I taught myself to play "Everything I Do" by Bryan Adams on the piano. On the last day of school that year my brother, myself and a couple of our friends performed it in front of the whole school! My parents video-taped it. God, we all look so scared.

Well, gigs like that don't come along every day, so I had to be content with school work and growing pains. I kept writing songs, but nothing that really clicked with me.

My Mom moved to Prince George in 1997. I was 18 and work, school and friends kept me here in Victoria. It was hard. We are really close. I spent a lot of time writing songs to kind of numb that "lost little kid" feeling.

A couple of years later, I met a girl. When she told me she was leaving soon for New Zealand, I was crushed! The day after she left I wanted to get away for a while, so I went to Prince George to see my mom. A couple nights later I started to write her a letter not knowing if or when she would ever read it. It eventually became a song. I bought a little four-track and "New Zealand" became the fourth track on my first CD, the
Solo EP.

Most of my songs are about my life and some of the experiences I've had. I used to think I should have focused on my music career sooner than I did, but then I realized that none of those experiences I wrote about would have happened to me.

I've been FAMOUS since I was 10 years old. It's time to share it with the world!

Dan Politano