Will Millar The Lark In The Clear Aire

CD (May 1, 1995)
Original Release Date 1994

This delightful instrumental collection of Celtic Aires is played with an artful sensitivity and profound insight into the Celtic soul. Will's beautiful work will readily appeal to fans of the quieter moments on albums by the Chieftains. Performed on whistles, lute, mandolin, harp, piano, fiddle, violin, harmonica, guitar, acoustic bass and accordion, it is a quiet, lovely album for those meditative moments.

1. Lark in the Clear Aire/My Singing Bird
2. Slieve Gallon Braes/Sally Gardens
3. Irish Brigade-1864: Bold Fenian Men/Hills of Shiloh/Skibereen/Ashokan
4. Carickfergus/Mary of Dungloe
5. Lark in the Clear Aire (Reprise)
6. Bonnie Kellswater
7. Factory Girls: Mo Mhuirnin Ban/By the Banks of the Bann/Factory Girls
8. Flower of Sweet Straban
9. Islands: Dark Island/Mist Covered Mountains/Rhumm/Farewell to Tarwathi