Saskia Munroe
Lady Luck

Saskia Munroe was born and raised in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. She immigrated to Canada in 1975 and moved with her family, to northern British Columbia where she explored her new environment and language before embarking upon a full time career in music. Although Saskia's early musical career was influenced by contemporary folk artists such as Gordon Lightfoot, Emmy Lou Harris and Joan Baez, she realized that her real passion lay in writing original songs that melded the traditions of her European homeland with the frontier spirit of Northern British Columbia. This discovery led her to embark upon a musical career that would span 20 years and find her performing throughout Europe, Canada and the United States. Saskia believes her music is best described as an effort to reconcile her experience as an immigrant coming from the rich historical mosaic that is Europe with the exuberant vitality of Canada's north country. She says. " Although I love everything about Canada deeply and consider it my home now, I find that I have to return periodically to Holland to reconnect with my roots and reassure myself it's all still there. My song "Two Countries" best describes how I feel when it says, two countries are pulling me ever so strong".

The Musicians
Saskia Munroe - Lead Vocals & Bass
Deborah Senger - Harmony Vocals
Aggie Koop - Harmony Vocals
Lori Holford - Harmony Vocals & Flute
Nathan Tinkham - Guitar
John Towell -Bass, Digideroo & Guitar
Myran Zott - Fiddle
Steve Saba - Piano
Dwain Sands - Keys
Paul Rumbolt - Harmony Vocals