Undertakin' Daddies
Post Atomic Hillbilly

hard to find CD featuring Nathan Tinkham


"The group creates some marvellous country/folk/bluegrass/roots music here, led by Kevin Barr’s crusty vocals, some great acoustic accompaniment and some amazing diversity in the material presented."
Larry Delaney, Country Music News April 2001
"****1/2 The land of the midnight sun is shining bright on one of the most accessible bluegrass/traditional country bands on the market."
Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun, July 2001

"…a critical hit, pure vintage country music, real country music-dusty and soulful…the Undertakin’ Daddies offer up fun, fast live music that borrows from the past and has fun with the future."
Kennedy Gordon, Sudbury Star, May 2001

The Undertakin’ Daddies are a foursome based in Whitehorse, Yukon. Comprised of Kevin Barr (lead vocals, guitar, and bass), Bob Hamilton (vocals, mandolin, bass), George McConkey (vocals, harmonica/guitar), and Nathan Tinkham (dobro, lap steel).

The group first got together to play at Frostbite 2000 and began recording shortly thereafter. The album Post Atomic Hillbilly includes legendary Calvin Vollrath as guest musician on fiddle.

The Undertakin’ Daddies play music based in country and bluegrass traditions. Post Atomic Hillbilly is filled with material covering mine disasters, hobos living in boxcars, and people perishing in the river. Growing up on radio of the 50’s, fraught with references to the bomb, God, and honkeytonks, the Undertakin’ Daddies write songs that reflect the darker side of life. Even their group name pays homage to the morbid content many of their songs convey, in the tradition of the Appalachian murder ballad.

Kevin Barr comes to hillbilly music through the country side of things, and Bob Hamilton through his love of bluegrass. As principle writers, they have played together with George McConkey in various incarnations in the Whitehorse music scene over the last ten to fifteen years. Nathan Tinkham’s previous musical affiliations include the Great Western Orchestra, and as guitarist for Ian Tyson and Cindy Church.