Spirit of the West

CD (May 10, 1994)
Original Release Date: 1994
Label: Elektra/Asylum

Recorded in 1993, Faithlift has made DJs sound as if they're lisping ever since. Tracked at Mushroom Studios, produced and engineered by Michael Phillip Wojewoda.

Includes "Five Free Minutes," "...And if Venice is Sinking..." & "Sadness Grows" (which for some bizarre reason is referred to as "Saunders Grows" by German radio).

Faithlift project holds all-time record for hours spent trying to get an accordion in-tune.

1. 5 Free Minutes
2. Sadness Grows
3. IS This Where I Come In
4. Bone Of Contention
5. Slow Learner
6. And if Venice is Sinking
7. Mum's the Word
8. Death on the Beach
9. Sincerely Yours
10. God's Apprentice
11. Guildhall Witness
12. 6th Floor