Spirit of the West
Save This House

CD (December 12, 2001)
Label: Wea
also released: Oct 20, 1992
Label: Elektra Entertainment
The first major label release for SOTW. Recorded in 1989 at Mushroom Studios by Danny Greenspoon. Linda McRae's first appearance. Includes such favourites as "The Old Sod", "Home For a Rest", and "Save This House". Also includes a guest appearance by Rob Menzies on bagpipes. As pipers get even less session work than trombonists, this is worth mentioning.
1. Save This House
2. Home For A Rest
3. Last To Know
4. Roadside Attraction
5. Dirty Pool
6. Not Just A Train
7. The Joneses
8. Wrecking Ball
9. Swinging Single
10. Sentimental Side