Spirit of the West
Labour Day

CD (September 29, 1992)
Original Release Date: August 1988
Label: Flying Fish Records
This album was recorded after the departure of co-founding member J. Knutson, and was the first album with new member Hugh McMillan. It was recorded at Blue Wave Studios in Vancouver, the band self-producing the basic tracks with the help of Steve Smith, engineer. Veteran Danny Greenspoon came in to produce the final touches and mix the album, much to everyone's relief and ultimate satisfaction. Jazz and funk flavours began to infuse the sound on this disk, and features Alan Prosser (e. guit.) and John Jones (melodion) of the Oyster Band (Britain) on one cut.
1. Dark House
2. Political
3. Profiteers
4. The Hounds That Wait Outside Your Door
5. Run Boy
6. Drinking Man
7. Expensive/Cinema Of Pain
8. Gottingen Street
9. Take it from the Source