CD (May 5, 1994)
Original Release Date: May 5, 1994


Naomi DeBruyn - Editor, Linear Reflections:

Victoria, BC, Canada, 5 / 2002 E.V .

Indiscretion was a Juno Award nominee in 1995 for "Best Global Recording," and two songs from this disc are featured in the multi-award winning Canadian film director Anne Wheeler's "Suddenly Naked."

A wonderful beginning for this Victoria based quartet who specialize in "world beat chamber music."

Djolé is pronounced "jo-lay" and it is the word which the Mandinka people of West Africa use to describe the joy of life.

This is something that is captured in the music which they perform.

Djolé is comprised of Niel Golden, Joby Baker, Doug Galbraith, and ScottSheerin.

Between them, these talented gentlemen perform on the following instruments: kora (21 string West African harp/lute traditionally used by the Mandinka griots, or storytellers), tabla (tuned, paired hand drums used throughout North India in classical, sacred, and folk music), nylon string guitar, soprano saxophone, steel string guitar, bass flute, electric bass, silver flute, porcelain flute, wine bottle, synthesized keyboard, Egyptian tambourine, shakers, tamboura, and the sruti box.

This entire disc is a wonderful journey through what could almost be called spiritual, music from distant lands.

On this disc Djolé attempted to "create a timeless sound interwoven with jazz influences."

I would have to say that they succeeded, and admirably so.

The disc opens with a traditional piece entitled "Kema Bourema," with the arrangement done by Djolé.

According to the liner notes, this is an old kora piece dedicated to 19 year old Salifu Kouyate, a member of a respected griot family who taught the song to Doug while he was in Senegal.

The band included a melodic line which was written by Joby.

There are vast depths to this piece, all of which may never be fully explored no matter how many times one listens.

"Indiscretion" is the title track, and a live improvisation. It features Doug on the Kora, Scott on the soprano saxophone and porcelain flute, Niel on the tabla, and Joby on the bass, kick, and keys.

It's a moody piece, almost teasing in some places, then quickly spinning away to hit a different tone.

I seriously had to laugh at the liner notes description of "Jazzy Jig," "A simple, lively tune that reminds us of Hindu hillbilly rock."

This was a description that just didn't want to fit together in my mind, until I actually listened to the piece.

It truly is an apt description, no matter how incongruous.

This track was written by Scott Sheerin and Niel Golden.

If you are looking for something different, something culturally diverse, something energized and alive, then look no further.

Indiscretion provides some serious listening pleasure, and Djolé shows their worth as consummate musicians with this disc.


Joby Baker (Bass, Keyboard & Kick Drum).

Doug Galbraith (Kora, Nylon String Guitar, Steel String Guitar, Voice & Shakers).

Niel Golden (Tabla, Tamboura & Tambourine).

Scott Sheerin (Silver Flute, Porcelain Flute, Bass Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Shakers & Sruti Box).

01. Kema Bourema.
02. Phox & Pheasant.
03. Neuchatel.
04. Kossa Yembe.
05. Indiscretion.
06. Obvenge.
07. Nossa Bossa.
08. Jazzy Jig.
09. Looking for You.