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Debut Album Now Available!!!

Narissa Young is an adept and talented singer, songwriter and musician who was raised, and continues to explore her creative aspirations, in Nanaimo, BC. She is part of a burgeoning arts scene in this picturesque coastal city that has produced the likes of Juno and Grammy award-winner Diana Krall as well as David Gogo and Allison Crowe. Narissa is carving out her own niche, however, and is now poised to let loose, on discerning music lovers far and wide, her own brand of distinctive artwork 

As an artist, Narissa’s myriad musical talents have been expressed through the saxophone, bass, flute, piano, acoustic guitar and her most prominent talent, her voice. “It’s the most natural for me,” she says. Narissa utilizes her gifted voice to deliver the essence of her own poignant songs.  

An active member of a local songwriter’s circle, Narissa’s original compositions reflect catchy, yet moody sensibilities. Her lyrics draw on personal experiences that convey strong emotional content. With her first CD due out this year, Narissa’s career continues to develop and grow with a more focussed attention on writing and the performance of original material. 

Narissa’s destiny became apparent at an early age…and it’s a path that has had virtually everything to do with music. “I’ve had a love for music all my life,” she says, “And it’s always been there for me”.    

Narissa started her musical career when she joined her Grade 6 band class in school. Fate played a part in the instrument she would ultimately choose…didn’t pass the drum test, arms too short for trombone, saxophone seemed like a good fit. She later went on to learn the electric bass and then develop her voice. “My band teachers were instrumental in fostering my deep appreciation for music which I believe had always existed in me,” she says.  

Jazz is what really inspired Narissa, but rock and the blues were no strangers to her mix of musical preferences either. Playing the bass, she formed her first rock band at the age of 16. She later went on to front several more rock bands during high school, but she craved what formal education could give her, a more promising way to keep playing music. She enrolled in the jazz program at Malaspina College, and following a year of training and a renewed confidence in what she could accomplish, Narissa toured Canada with rock band Tanya Hyde. 

 Narissa’s impact on the Nanaimo music scene is felt not only in her original work and performances as a solo artist and as a duo, but also through her involvement in musical events such as the annual AngelFest (a charity benefit showcasing local female singer/ songwriters). Narissa is excited and optimistic about the future and she continues to write new songs, perform, and record her life’s work.