Valdy Country Man

vinyl LP

Release Date: 12/31/1971

A veteran of the guitar and piano from an early age, Valdy grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, born of Danish parents. From the mid-'60s, he played with the London Town Criers, the Prodigal Sons and Blake Emmons. Signed to A&M for a solo contract, Valdy recorded his first solo album, Country Man, in 1972 and soon became Canada's second most popular folk singer (behind Gordon Lightfoot) through albums such as Landscapes (1973), Family Gathering (1974), See How the Years Have Gone By (1975) and Valdy & the Hometown Band (1976). Four more albums followed for A&M: Hot Rocks (1978), Passport: Best of Valdy (1979), 1001 (1980) and Valdy's Kids Record (1982). After one album for Duke Street entitled Notes from Places in 1985, Valdy signed with Oak Street Music and released Heart at Work in 1993. He has also collaborated with Max Bennett and Bob Ruzicka.


very rare LP only 1 available

Vinyl is in VG+++

Cover is


  • Country Man
  • Place At The Table
  • A Good Song
  • Rainmaker
  • Rock and Roll Song
  • Hello Mr.Record Man
  • See How The Years Have Gone By
  • Goin Down Slow
  • Bruce And The Green Stock
  • Goin To The Country
  • Country Man