Stringband National Melodies

(LP out of print)

Bob Bossin and Marie-Lynn Hammond with Ben Mink and Jim Ackley, Wade Barker, Pineapple Frank Barth, Doug Bowes, Kerry Crawford, Ron Dan, John Goldsmith, Rick Gratton, Tam Kearney, Mark Lams, Doug Orr, Richard Quincy Booth Patterson, Dennis Pendrith, Sandy Pym, Alex Voros, Jimmy Warburton, Chris Whitely

  • Scotland/Monroe’s Hornpipe (trad)
  • Dief Will Be the Chief Again (Bossin)
    issued as a 45 rpm single as Nick 3, backed by the Mic Mac Song
  • Mic Mac Song (Arsenault)
  • Lunenburg Concerto (Bossin)
  • Devidoir (trad., arr. Stringband)
  • Parson’s Pleasure (trad., arr. Mink)
  • Mrs. Murphy (Hammond, Bossin)
  • Le prisonnier de Londres (trad., arr. Stringband)
  • Intruders (Bossin)
  • Male Chauvinist Jig (Mink)
  • Pretending (Hammond)
  • Ways of the Heart (Hammond)
  • Dans le mois de mai (trad., arr. Stringband)
  • Wassailing (trad., arr. Stringband)
  • Show Us the Length (Bossin)