Grapes of Wrath "Field Trip (With Bonus EP)"

Label: Song Recordings Inc.
Released: 10/06/2000

Label: Magada International Not Currently Available

Hooman Ganjavi from Toronto, Canada I'm usually sceptical of comeback albums... in fact, I didn't even listen to this for months after I bought it. But after I got a bit tired of the old Grapes material, I gave this a try... and after a couple of spins, I was thoroughly impressed. Kane and Hooper are incredible songwriters (especially Kane). It's almost as if they never broke up... 'Field Trip' just seems like a logical follow-up to 'These Days'. It's a classic Grapes album with a mixture of harder rock (Black Eye) and softer acoustic (Kane's brilliant 'But Oh Well'). Hooper also shows off his songwriting prowess with infectious tunes like 'Sell the Goat' and 'Hitchhiker'. The bonus CD has some interesting material as well... the highlight being Kane's acoustic rendition of 'Misunderstanding'... reminiscent of the material on his solo albums (both of which are highly recommended). This album gets 4 stars only because 5 stars is reserved for the two perfect Grapes albums, 'Treehouse' and 'Now & Again'. Kane and Hooper... Canada's Lennon and McCartney?

1. Black Eye
2. Like a Fool
3. 18
4. Sell the Goat
5. Rivers Flow
6. Hitchhiker
7. Dropping the Y
8. Head in My Hands
9. Jack's Dilemma
10. Begin Communication
11. But Oh Well
12. Still Confused
13. Misunderstanding
14. You May Be Right
15. All the Things I Wasn't
16. What Was Going Through My Head
17. Porpoise Song {Theme from "Head"}
18. Ninety Nine Miles from L.A.