Simon Collins
All of Who You Are

Style: Pop/Rock
Released: 1999
Producer(s): Schallbau & Simon Collins
Recorded: Schallbau Produktion, Frankfurt, Germany
Managment: Hidden Force Music
Label: WEA/Warner

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Born in England in 1976, Simon Collins' interest in music began at the age of five, when he learned some drum rhythms from his father, recording artist Phil Collins.

Simon moved to Canada at the age of eight and grew up in Vancouver, where music played an important role throughout his childhood. He learned to play the drums and keyboards, and began writing music at the age of 14. He played in high school punk bands until the age of 19, when he decided to concentrate on his own music.

Shortly after that he developed an interest in electronically-produced music, or electronica. Not only did Simon begin songwriting with renewed enthusiasm, but he began spinning as a DJ using the name Spacehead and gained popularity in local clubs.

All of Who You Are was recorded, for the most part, in Germany. The album's first single, Pride, became no. 1 for radio play in Poland.

Simon spent some time on Salt Spring Island after his mother moved to the island from Vancouver. He now lives in Frankfurt, Germany.

All Of Who You Are
Money Maker
Ocean Deep Inside
Shine Through
In My Life
These Dreams
Light Years Away