Paul Verville

Style: Classical
Released: 1999
Producer: Dave Davies
Recorded: GSC Studios, Salt Spring Island
Label: GSC Records Inc.







Paul Verville is one of those special artists that you usually only read about - they practise for 8 to 10 hours a day, and they feel terrible if they miss even a single day. Paul's music reflects this dedication to his art, with flowing pieces from Chopin and Schubert, to tremendously complex renditions of Rachmaninov's work.

It helps to know that Rachmaninov had a hand spread of thirteen keys, and he wrote to suit his size. He was also a driven individual, and much of what he wrote embodies the turmoil that must have been a part of every one of his wakinng hours.

By contrast, Paul's spread is only nine keys, but his incredible speed and accuracy allows him to play even the most demanding of what Rachmaninov had to offer.