Gene Grooms
Sooner or Later

Gene Grooms is a veteran R&B singer and infamous bluesman, as well as a driven songwriter. Just look a him, and you can see that he's been around the block - listen to his gravelly voice, and you get a much deeper understanding of what the blues are all about.

He's crossed the continent with his music, playing in smoky bars, and soft-seater palaces alike. He's comfortable in venues that would scare the socks off the average listener, yet he shines up pretty good when the occassion calls for it.

He's a "blues gentleman", and he's got some tunes that are definitely worth listening to.

1.Wake Up
2.Blues for the Nineties
3.Love Coming Down
4.Drunk as a Skunk
5.Lucky Man
6.Can't Get It Here
7.I'm Ready
8.Everything to Me
9.Money, Prestige & Romance
10.Me & Jack Daniels
11.Sooner or Later