Gary Fjellgaard Time and Innocence


Gary Fjellgaard - 'Time and Innocence'. From the intimate theatre to the outdoor stage, Gary Fjellgaard effortlessly bridges the gap between country and folk, drawing his audience in with the magic of lyrical imagery. Stories and songs of wind swept prairies, rushing rivers, the working man, cowboy heroes and romance insinuate themselves in listener's hearts and minds with their sheer honesty and warmth all ringing true as the man himself. Uniquely Canadian, this prairie-raised west coast balladeer is a champion of vanishing values and frontier spirit. Gary's songs about lone horsemen riding through verdant valleys and along moonlit mountainside trails are not fabricated solely from his imagination. He keeps in touch with his roots riding in the Annual Kamloops Cattle Drive, and has entertained at Cowboy gatherings from Calgary to Tucson. After 25 years as a professional musician, with seven of his songs being picked as Song of the Year, Gary Fjellgaard looks back on hundreds of towns and cities, thousands of gigs, and hundreds of thousands of listeners who have been touched profoundly by his music. "He is a poet of the extravagantly good side of human spirit; breathtakingly sane and compassionate."