Irene Jackson

Irene says "Many times I've been asked whether or not I have a recorded version of what I sound like live. You know, you'd think it would be the easiest thing to throw together, but as I found out, it's quite a challenge! Not only do you want to capture a great performance, but you need to account for all of the elements that are missing. Fortunately, I'm so used to performing these songs live, that they've begun to fit like a glove."

These are the "best of" three albums worth of material...FOOLISHLY FANTASIZING, MOTOR SCOOTER, and three acoustic versions of songs on the newly-eleased CD CATNIP! The very last song on 'undressed' is an updated version of "Let It Go" and the only song with a little more production. Oh, yeah, and then there's the cover art :-)

"Well, of course, the idea was to find a CD title that matched what was inside...unplugged is old by now, so I thought "undressed" would be much more interesting :-) My husband and I shot the cover art in my studio with a web cam! The idea was to get some blurred, but tasteful images, which I think we succeeded at. Of course, I've had a little flack from a few people who've previewed it, and I haven't shown my Dad yet :-)"