Vince Ditrich Super Tonic

Vince Ditrich, long time drummer for the spectacular West Coast group Spirit of the West, has released a solo album. For those fans of "SotW" don't be looking for the same sound, you won't find it on this disc. The only things that Supertonic has in common with SotW are: Vince (naturally), boundless energy, and great music. This release shows a side of Vince that we haven't seen much of before... and one I'm definitely liking, jazzy, funky, and some light techno thrown in. The result is an enjoyable and highly addictive disc.

All ten tracks on this disc are original, with one track co-written by Craig Northey (formerly of the Odds), and one by Pete McCormack (award winning novelist, and talented musician in his own right). For this disc, Vince (vocals, backing vocals, drums, percussion, rhythm guitar, keys, and "other assorted klaptrap, except where noted"), is joined by: Marc Robichaud (guitars), 24 Todd Sacerty (bass), Yummy Chad Geekie (piano), Simon Kendall (hammond), as well by Sharon Porker and Tina Jones (BVox).