Allen Dobb Bottomland

Released: 2002
Label: Skipping Stone Music / Pacific Music
Producers: Blair Calibaba / Allen Dobb

The path leading to Victoria-based musician, Allen Dobb's latest CD, Bottomland (Skipping Stone/Pacific Music), has been a long and varied series of adventures. His quest has led Dobb from his youth in rural Alberta farm country, to several years in southern Africa using his agriculture degree from Washington State University and another land management stint on an Apache reservation in Arizona, to singer-songwriter showcases on stages of roots music hotbeds in Austin and Nashville. Dobb has documented his path of eclectic experiences with several recordings including a pair of CDs with his brother Cameron as Dobb and Dumela and 1998's Horses and Hills (Resource/Festival), his acclaimed solo debut.

1. Bottomland
2. This Day
3. Rocks to Pick
4. Beer Bottle Chandelier
5. Big Wide Open
6. Jimmy Roy
7. Like an Angel
8. The Ballad of Willie Holmes
9. Road Song for a Sailor
10.Bellingham Rain